Tips for Home-Based Learning (Parents Edition)

Tips for Home-Based Learning (Parents Edition)

We are all doing our part to combat the spread of the pandemic virus (COVID-19), specifically staying home as much as possible. However, learning should never stop. Schools have implemented home-based learning, and most of the tuition centers are doing online classes in replacement. Online learning was never a new thing, it has been incorporated largely in higher education institutions. But it has gained popularity in the K-12 industry over the past few weeks as schools remain closed for an extended period of time and everyone has to quickly adapt to the new way of learning in order to resume education. So how should parents help young children to stay focused while doing online learning and juggling housework and work-from-home at the same time? Read on to find out more!

Home-Based Learning Tip 1:
Draw out a timetable for your child to follow

“My child is looking for me all the time! I need to work!”

Set a schedule, list down your working hours and time you can be “disturbed”. Write it on the back of a used drawing block paper, and paste it somewhere in the house obvious for all!

Make sure your child follows the rules, they can only come to you for “consultation time” at the scheduled block. And should stay focused while it’s their time to do their home-based learning.

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Home-Based Learning Tip 2: Limit screen time for your child

“My child can’t focus on looking at the screen!”

We get it, too much screen time is always bad, no matter for children or adults. However, technology is inevitable and that is why we should always be disciplined. Your child will need a little help here- set a timer of maximum 30 min of screen time, and get them to get up and have a break (go to the washroom, drink water, or even just stare outside the window). Parents should do the same as well, get up and chat with your child during the break! 

Parents should always advocate utilising screen time the right way – use it to learn something online, watch a workout video, or even call the grandparents! While we are all practising social distance, the only way to stay connected with our extended family and friends is through the screen! So make use of it wisely! 

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Home-Based Learning Tip 3: Provide additional help for your child

“My child seems to be lacking behind, he couldn’t keep up during the online classes with his school teachers.”

It’s not easy, but try to set time aside daily to check in with your child. While home-based learning can come in many different formats – watching videos, doing assigned worksheets or live video chat with teachers; students lose track of their progress because of the lack in teacher’s presence. However, you can help by doing a simple understanding check by asking what they have learnt today. Clarify their doubts if any. But if you do not have extra time to help, seek help from others.

Well, you can’t enrol your child in tuition classes anymore, at least not in the physical classes. But you can look for an online tutor! Many tutors are now doing online lessons and you can schedule a session and voice out your concerns on behalf of your child to the tutor. And let the tutor take it on from there!

“My child seems to be lacking behind, he couldn’t keep up during the online classes with his school teachers.”

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