[ENDED] Primary School Math Catch-up Series by IPMUM Education

[ENDED] Primary School Math Catch-up Series by IPMUM Education

Singapore Primary School Math Online Catch-up Series by IPMUM Education

Revise - Recap - Reinforce

Strengthen your child's Math concepts to achieve improvement

If your child has not performed well in the last exams, chances are that he or she is still not very familiar with the concepts that have been tested. 

If these gaps are not closed, the lack of concept understanding will be carried forward throughout your child’s primary school years and he / she will struggle even more and feel overwhelmed having to learn new topics and concepts when the old have not been strengthened yet.

Introducing Online Class: Must-Know Math Concepts 

About the programme

Must-Know Math Concepts is a flexible live interactive online Math programme for Primary students that teaches Math concepts and simplifies methods needed to solve challenging Word Problems

  • Each session is 70 minutes of online live interactive lessons with a qualified tutor.
  • Soft copies of notes and practice worksheets will be provided.
  • Students can pick and choose Concepts that he/she would like to learn or revise on.

Benefits of joining the programme


Students choose concepts that they need and according to their abilities. Options to repeat sessions are also available.

Effective Methods

Students learn the most effective methods to solve challenging word problems through mastering concepts rather than by topics.


Teachers will review practice questions and students may ask questions and clarify any doubts directly with the teacher, similar to being in a class.

Examples of Must-Know Concepts / Methods

  • Model Drawing
  • Assumption Methods
  • Age Problems
  • Simultaneous Equation
  • Grouping
  • Before and After
  • Remainder Concept
  • Number x Value
  • Equal Concept
  • Excess and Shortage
  • … and more

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Topic: Model Drawing Level 1

For Aged 8 Years to 10 Years old: 23, 25, 27 Nov (9.15am to 10.00 am SGT)

For Aged 11 Years to 12 Years old:  24, 26 Nov (9.15am to 10.00 am SGT)

Online Class Schedule

Per Session: US$27.50

BUY 4 FREE 1 : Use promo code “IPMUM4” to get the 5th class free, enjoy 20% off for subsequent bookings.

Suitable for Primary/Grade 3 & 4 (Age 8 - 10)

     9.00am – 10.10am SGT

  • 30 Nov: Model Drawing (Comparison) – Level 1
  • 1 Dec: Model Drawing (Comparison) – Level 2
  • 2 Dec: Model Drawing (Comparison & Stacking Model) – Level 3
  • 3 Dec: Model Drawing (Before and After) – Level 1
  • 4 Dec: Model Drawing (Before and After) – Level 2
  • 7 Dec: Part-Whole Fractions (Level 1)
  • 8 Dec: Guess and Check
  • 9 Dec: Assumption Method (Level 1)
  • 10 Dec: Grouping (Level 1)
  • 11 Dec: Grouping (Level 2)
  • 14 Dec: Simultaneous Equation (Level 1)
  • 15 Dec: Age Problems (Level 1)

     10.20am – 11.30am SGT

  • 30 Nov: Guess and Check
  • 1 Dec: Assumption Method (Level 1)
  • 2 Dec: Grouping (Level 1)
  • 3 Dec: Grouping (Level 2)
  • 4 Dec: Simultaneous Equation (Level 1)
  • 7 Dec: Age Problems (Level 1)
  • 8 Dec: Model Drawing (Comparison) – Level 1
  • 9 Dec: Model Drawing (Comparison) – Level 2
  • 10 Dec: Model Drawing (Comparison & Stacking Model) – Level 3
  • 11 Dec: Model Drawing (Before and After) – Level 1
  • 14 Dec:  Model Drawing (Before and After) – Level 2
  • 15 Dec: Part-Whole Fractions (Level 1)

Suitable for Primary/Grade 4, 5 & 6 (Age 9 - 12)

     10.00am – 11.10am SGT

  • 30 Nov: Model Drawing (Comparison) – Level 4
  • 1 Dec: Model Drawing (Before and After) – Level 3
  • 2 Dec: Model Drawing (Before and After) – Level 4
  • 3 Dec: Assumption Method – Level 2
  • 4 Dec: Age Problems – Level 2
  • 7 Dec: Grouping – Level 3
  • 8 Dec: Excess and Shortage – Level 2
  • 9 Dec: Simultaneous Equation – Level 2
  • 11 Dec: Part-Whole Fractions – Level 2
  • 14 Dec: Model Drawing (Fractions)

     11.20am – 12.30pm SGT 

  • 30 Nov: Equal Concept (Fractions)
  • 1 Dec: Remainder Concept (Fractions) – Part 1
  • 2 Dec: Remainder Concept (Fractions) – Part 2
  • 3 Dec: Repeated Identity (Fractions / Ratio)
  • 4 Dec: Before and After (Fractions / Ratio) – Part 1
  • 7 Dec: Before and After (Fractions / Ratio) – Part 2
  • 8 Dec: Number x Value
  • 9 Dec: Grouping – Level 4
  • 11 Dec: Excess and Shortage – Level 3
  • 14 Dec: Simultaneous Equation – Level 3

IPMUM's Foolproof Formula for Math

These are the 5 steps IPMUM uses to help students gain competency on Math concepts:

Identify the type of question and relate to a concept 

Purpose Understand the purpose of the question. What does the question want you to find? 

Method What is the fastest and most effective method for this type of question? 

Use all numbers and information given. Every single number in the question is given for a reason.

Make sense Does the answer make sense? Go back to the question and check if the answer makes sense in the context of the question. This helps to uncover any careless steps or mistakes. 

About IPMUM Education

IPMUM Education Centre offers quality Math, English and Science academic programmes through qualified tutors and well-planned curriculum to help students gain competency and success in these subjects.

Principal and Mathematics Teacher, Ms Felicia Chan co-founded IPMUM Education Centre out of her passion to teach and desire to help students improve in Mathematics. She tied up with education specialists to learn the know-how to develop curriculum and effective teaching methods.

Ms Felicia’s teachings have helped many kids overcome their fear of taking on Math Word Problems with simplified and easy-to-understand methods. She believes the secret to teaching is not only in knowing the methods but in delivering engaging lessons to kids in a way that they can relate to and make connections with.

She hopes to be able to help as many kids as possible reach their maximum potential and hopefully make a change in their beliefs that they can do it even if they are not there yet now.

Teacher's Profile


Teacher Felicia has a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) from NTU (Nanyang Technological University). Having come from a family of teachers, Teacher Felicia developed the passion to teach since young. She hopes to make a difference to a child’s life and believes that every child will succeed with the right guidance and motivation. 


Teacher Eliza has a Diploma from NIE (National Institute of Education) and was previously teaching in an MOE school. Teacher Eliza encourages learning through play. She is very creative in her lessons and always finds ways to engage her students. Many students find her explanation very clear and easy to understand.


Frequently Asked Questions

Aged 8 to 12 Years old or Primary/Grade 3 to 6 students who would like to revise and recap important Math Concepts for Word Problems that they are still not familiar with. 

Not at all. This course teaches concepts from basic to advance level. Students may select the level that he or she wants to revise. 

Soft copies of the worksheets will be sent out 48 hours prior to the commencement of the classes. Parents may print out the hard copies for the lesson. If printing is not an option, no worries, students may follow the lesson online and work on blank papers. 

Simply click on the topic(s) your children would like to sign up for in the schedule above or here

Please note that the cutoff time for sign up will be 48 hours before the commencement of the respective classes. 

They may attend the class together sharing a MST’s Learner Account on a single device. You may select “1” for class quantity when adding to cart. If they are not sharing a device, they will need multiple MST Student Accounts, according to the number of devices that would be used. You may then select a number for the class quantity based on the number of devices. For example, there are 3 children attending a same class. 2 children share a device while 1 child uses a device himself/herself. In this case, you would select “2” for the class quantity.

Please provide an email address for the creation of each MST Student Account in the “Additional Information” box when checking out. Take note that each MST’s Learner Account can only be logged into one device at any one time. 

There will be no recording of the sessions. We believe that students will learn most effectively if they attend the live session and interact with the teacher by asking questions rather than listening to a pre-recorded session.  

There will be no refund or pro-rated fees in event of non-attendance or cancellation after confirmation. However, for genuine cases, we allow an exception for the fees to be transferred to another available session. 

You may contact MST at +65 9670 7326 (WhatsApp) or write to hello@mysavvytutor.com