Personalised Education Is The Goal

Personalised Education Is The Goal

An EdTech magazine article once considered what does blended learning mean for K-12 education?

It is not “any type of new education involving technology”. That would be a gross simplification. We are not replacing traditional teaching with cold hard technology but promoting a version of personalised digital learning that complements a student’s learning in the physical classrooms.

Engaged and Confident Learners

While learning can be effective in a physical classroom, mysavvytutor curates a learning experience that targets a student’s particular learning pace and learning needs. We believe it is only when learning becomes personal and engaging that a child acquires the confidence to own his or her learning

Teachers as Competent Collaborators

We are revolutionising the way teaching can be conceived and carried out. mysavvytutor’s suite of digital tools encourages teachers to take on a facilitative role with greater ease. Gone are the days where learning is to be ‘downloaded’ from long hours of lectures. Armed with online tools to make learning engaging and instantaneous, expert knowledge can be shared with students anytime, anywhere.
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