Online Tutoring Jobs

part-time online tutoring jobs in Singapore

Online Tutoring Jobs

Online Tutoring Jobs

Online tutoring jobs has been on the rise, more so during this whole pandemic situation where physical classes are suspended. With so many tools and platforms out there to facilitate your teaching online, the real challenge would be how to keep students engage online when there is a lack of physical presence. We have prepared 4 tips for you to be a more effective online tutor!

How to be a better online tutor

1-Make learning interesting

Learning is more than just textbooks and formula. Constantly find new ways to engage with your students so they stay focused. As the lesson is done online, the duration could be lesser than usual, hence you should always let your student has the chance to speak as it encourages two-way interaction. Some of the ideas to make learning fun: 

  • Share screen and watch a video together regarding the teaching topic 
  • Set up a poll and get your students to vote, this acts as a milestone check and you know if your student has been up to speed.

2- Pay attention to you students

As students have different learning styles, some might not have gotten used to the new normal of learning. As lessons are conducted virtually, the student might be distracted by the internet, social media or even the phone. If you noticed that you are losing him or her, request the student to write something on the whiteboard or answer a question you have posted to him or her.

3- Be in a conducive environment

It is important that you set-up a quiet place for your classes. Make sure there is no distraction in your background (children have curious minds!) and do make sure you and your students can hear each other clearly. Consider investing in a good headset and camera!

4- Get ready your tech

The key to a smooth and interesting online lesson is to utilise the best-suited software and online tools to aid your teaching. As a teacher, make sure you get ready with all your equipment and resources before the class. You might want to consider preparing a simple troubleshooting handbook for your student that you send prior to the start of the lesson. It is always good to set up a protocol when you run into problems and get ready for any contingency plan!

At mysavvytutor, we have a support team ready to help you with any technical support you need during the class. You can talk to us through the live chat, WhatsApp, or send an email to

Subjects for online tutoring

When it comes to teaching, there is really no limit as to what you can teach. It is all about the knowledge and passion you have in a certain field or subjects. These are the current subjects open for tutoring on mysavvytutor:

Subject LevelsSubjects
Primary School TuitionEnglish Language
Secondary School TuitionChinese Language
Junior College TuitionHigher Chinese Language
International Baccalaureate (IB) TuitionMalay Language
IGCSE TuitionTamil Language
University TuitionMathematics
Additional Mathematics
Principle of Accounting (POA)
General Paper
H1/H2 Mathematics
H1/H2 Chemistry
H1/H2 Physics
H1/H2 Biology

If the subject you are teaching is not listed here, send us an email to hello@mysavvytutor.comWe welcome instructors/coaches/mentors who would love to teach lifestyle-related activities (e.g. yoga, cooking, singing etc.), life skills, personal development topics too! Get in touch with us through email and find out how you can do so!

How much online tutoring jobs pay

It all depends on how much you want to charge based on your experience and expertise. However, the rates for online tutoring tends to be lower compared to face-to-face learning, as a result of savings in cost and time.

Online Tutoring Rates

Pri 1 to 3$10 - $25$25 - $35 $40 - $50
Pri 4 to 6$20 - $30$30 - $40$40 - $50
Sec 1 to 2$25 - $35$35 - $45$45 - $55
Sec 3 to 5$30 - $40$40 - $50$50 - $65
JC$35 - $45$50 - $60$60 - $80
IB Diploma$35 - $50$50 - $70$70 - $90

Note: The figures in the table are mere projections of what one could expect when they pay for online tutoring and are not meant to be definitive.

Offline Tutoring Rates

Pri 1 to 3$20 - $30$30 - $40$40 - $55
Pri 4 to 6$20 - $35$35 - $45$45 - $60
Sec 1 to 2$30 - $45$40 - $60$60 - $100
Sec 3 to 5$30 - $50$40 - $60$60 - $110
JC$35 - $55$50 - $85$95 - $125
IB Diploma$40 - $50$60 - $70$90 - $120

Source: Seedly

Steps to becoming a tutor

Teaching and learning should never require you to make personal sacrifices, MST gives you the convenience and comfort to teach more, and fret less. 

Besides that, MST’s caring engagement team would be more than happy to assist you. 

Wait no further, be part of the learning revolution now! 

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