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Should Your Child Attend Online Math Tuition?

As high as 77% of students believe that excelling in math guarantees success in universities or career, a finding of a survey conducted by Texas Instruments Education Technology. Math certainly is an important subject. Is your child, then, excelling in math? If not, this blog is for you. In this blog, you will understand the importance of math and how online math tuition can be the solution to your child’s unsatisfactory math results.

Why Math Is So Important?

Bright Career in Future

Math is not just about applying formulas. More importantly, through math, your child develops skills like logical thinking, problem solving and communication. These skills are what employers are looking for and are transferable across jobs. Hence, having these skills would make your child an attractive job candidate in future.

math and career future
Mathematics in everyday life

Part Of Everyday Life

You may have heard some children say, “What’s the purpose of learning all these complicated formulas and calculations? I’m not going to use these in future”. 


Yes, we agree that not everyone would end up in a career that requires a strong proficiency for math as statisticians and actuaries do. However, math is being applied in many areas of one’s life – when creating a budget, shopping, cooking, and even playing sports.

Taking basketball as an example, the players apply the concepts of geometry; the angle at which the ball is being shot is one of the determining factors on whether the ball would get through the hoop. The further a player is from the hoop, the smaller the angle required.


Understanding math concepts would help one to complete his/her daily activities better.

What are the barriers to your child excelling in mathematics?

Find out about the difficulties that your child faces when learning math. It could be that the pace of the class in school is too fast, he/she is disengaged during classes or many other reasons. Whatever the reason may be, fret not, there are solutions.


You could be there to guide your child while he/she is practicing, you could get more practice papers and assessment books, he/she could watch math tutorial videos, and there are other possible solutions. But what if you have no time? Online math tuition could possibly be one of the solutions.

Benefits of online math tuition

Improved learning

Your child would be able to learn more effectively through the interactive online tools that would keep your child engaged. For example, a whiteboard enables your child to annotate questions and work out the solutions. Writing digitally would be more interesting and novel than on paper which has been the traditional way.

Instant connectivity

Whenever your child needs or wants to have a lesson, it can be easily arranged with the tutor and both can start the lesson online almost immediately! All you need is just a device with an internet connection.

Easy and convenient

It’s easy and convenient! With just a few clicks, you can get your child a suitable tutor and start the lesson. It eliminates the need to visit a centre physically to attend a class, saving lots of time travelling back and forth.

why choose MST For Online Math Tuition

Find a tutor of your choice

At MST, we have qualified math instructors who would be able to help your child. You can view instructors’ profiles such as their years of experience, ratings and reviews given by past learners, and prices they are charging, and choose the instructor that is the best fit to you and your child’s preference and need!

Dedicated attention

During one-to-one sessions with the instructor, your child would be able to receive dedicated attention from the instructor which could be difficult to experience in school since the class size is much bigger.

Digital learning tools

We provide a myriad of digital learning tools in our virtual classroom to help your child learn effectively.


  • An interactive whiteboard that allows collaboration between your child and the instructor
  • Content library for your child to have access to and annotate on papers prepared by the instructor
  • Polls created by the instructor for your child to check his/her understanding


Check out how our classroom works here.

24/7 Support

If you need help in getting a math instructor on MST or have any questions in mind, contact us at any time of the day and our friendly engagement team would get back to you. 


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How to find a math instructor on mST

Sign up for a learner account, then browse for instructors or search for available classes on our app. Your child can also send requests for specific questions that he/she needs help in. It’s as simple as that! 


You could also check out the classes held by our partners Fun Learners’ School and Ann Tutor

If you have any specific needs and requirements, feel free to contact us and we will do our best to match you with the right fit!

For more tips on what to look out for while finding a tutor for your child, check out our blog here.


Math is a valuable asset, be it for future employment opportunities or in our daily lives. It is important that your child has a strong understanding of math concepts. Therefore, if your child is struggling, we encourage you to sign him/her up for online math tuition. With over 500 qualified instructors, you will be sure to find one that can suit your child’s needs! 



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