[ENDED] Live Online Chinese Classes with The Trees Chinese Learning Hut

online Chinese classes the trees

[ENDED] Live Online Chinese Classes with The Trees Chinese Learning Hut

Welcome, The Trees Chinese Learning Hut!

We are glad to have partnered up with The Trees to bring you live online Chinese classes. The Chinese Language has always been a fear of many children, but The Trees is here to solve the problem!

This programme is designed for Primary students (Primary 3 to Primary 6) who are looking for engaging and interactive ways to learn and improve Chinese!

Main focus for online classes

– Comprehension

– Composition

– Comprehensive Lesson ( Lesson includes: Comprehension, Composition, Vocabulary and more)

Benefits of Online Classes

1) Time-saving: Completely eradicates travelling time.

2) Small Class Size: More attention provided for each student to supervise individuals’ learning progress.

3) Engaging: Bringing the classroom experience onto an online platform with interactive and live teaching.

4) Flexible Payment: Hassle-free lesson package. Pay as per your needs.

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–  阅读理解

– 作文

– 综合


1) 省时:可以省去路途所消耗的时间。

2) 互动式: 以互动方式教学,既生动又有趣,犹如置身于课室学习。

3) 专注力: 小班制,有助于掌握学生们的学习态度和进度。

4) 灵活制度:无配套限制,只需付您想要的课程费用。

About The Trees Chinese Learning Hut

At The Trees Chinese Learning Hut, we believe that edutainment is essential in stimulating children’s interest in learning the Chinese language.

With this belief, we integrate technology in our teaching to make learning more interactive and engaging for children. Over time, this will influence their language proficiency while they enjoy learning.

Our familiarity with the local educational curriculum together with thoughtfully-written learning materials allows us to focus on improving every student’s weaknesses. Through our lessons, students will be able to grasp techniques to answering a plethora of examination questions, building their confidence when taking the paper, while ensuring a well-rounded and fruitful learning experience for all.

EXCLUSIVE PROMOTION: Buy 4 lessons or more and get 10% OFF! 

Hurry up and book now! Limited seats available.

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