Together, we can empower students by revolutionizing knowledge sharing through online learning


Seamlessly interact with your learners through our live video environment.


Access a myriad of in-platform tools and resources to make instruction effective.

Training and

We’re here to help you succeed; reach out to our team anytime for the support you need.


Utilize data analytics to understand the comprehension of your learners.

Secured Payments

All payments are secured on our platform to protect you and your customers.

Concentrate on teaching.

MST empowers you to focus on what you do best — teaching. Leave the development to us, we focus on improving our platform, building features, and integrating tools that simplify teaching.

Connect with a world of learners.

Teaching is no longer limited by distance and physical boundaries; inspire more minds by broadening your reach. Our live video chat and user-friendly whiteboard are designed to make teaching fuss-free and efficient.

Tap into a pool of knowledge.

MST aggregates educators, subject matter expert, content creators, publishers, and like-minded individuals on one platform. Joining the MST community allows you to connect with other teachers and professionals and access resources to enhance your teaching and coaching experience.