Are You A Game Changer

Are You A Game Changer

Teaching is one of the most exciting endeavours for many. I am not just talking about actual classroom teaching, but those little moments of teaching your sibling a new concept? Watching him or her eyes sparkle in wonder?

With technology, teaching and learning become even more exciting for teachers.

Freedom to teach at anytime, from anywhere

What you need is a quiet spot to teach from, a computer, and a stable internet connection. Throw in an earphone and mic, and you’re good to go! And have we mentioned? No more stifling office wear, dress in comfort (but presentable) when you teach from home.
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More time to recharge and “have a life”

Teach only when you want to, and it is entirely up to you and your student to schedule a time. With online learning, save time travelling to centers and homes. None of those rushing, waiting time, and planning your schedule around fixed tuition schedules. You get more freedom over your time, so go ahead and enjoy (more of) life.

Still be your own boss

Time saved? No more travelling? Have more life? Sounds too good to be true? That’s not the end of it. Be your own boss with online teaching. All too often, you fear taking on many classes, leaving no time for rest and play. Now, with time saved from travelling, MST provides you the ability and flexibility to take on more classes, more students, increasing your potential earnings. Instead of worrying about income during lull periods, online teaching means you’re able to teach and earn all year round (from home)!

Boundless and borderless teaching opportunities!

MST reaches out to thousands, and millions to offer you endless teaching possibilities. Get set and make a mark on MST by teaching students, and receiving due recognition from the value you bring to their learning. Our online rating system helps boost your personal brand of education, and soon you would have a (virtual) line of students waiting to learn from you. Boundless (and borderless) opportunities await!

Teaching and learning should never require you to make personal sacrifices, MST gives you the convenience and comfort to teach more, and fret less.
Besides that, MST’s caring engagement team would be more than happy to assist you.

Wait no further, be part of the learning revolution now!

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Learning has never been this easy.

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