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Our Mission

mysavvytutor (MST) is an EdTech company providing a full-service online learning platform for our learners and educators. MST aims to promote a thriving learning network and ecosystem by connecting people via technological solutions. Our goal is to create a sustainable learning network for everyone.

Our Vision

We aim to be the world’s premier knowledge exchange and learning platform.

Our Values

We have embraced core principles that guide the way we work and unite our team to achieve our mission.


We are honest and committed to doing what is best for our customers and our company. We advocate for mutual trust and respect, holding ourselves to high ethical standards.


We are constantly striving to make a difference. We challenge the norms and drive changes to impact society.


We are passionate about an inclusive workplace. We celebrate diversity in experience, background, and perspective.


We advocate a culture of trust. We encourage constant collaboration and open communication.


We uphold high standards in our work and encourage continuous learning. We are committed to providing the highest level of service and products to our clients.

Founder Story

Connect with Kelly

In her corporate career days, Kelly travelled extensively around Asia and realised one of the key factors of flourishing economies is to have a robust education system. Through international business meetings and interactions with people of varying backgrounds, she realized the gaps in the quality of the workforce can have a direct impact on standards of living, business decisions, and the economic growth of countries. She saw these as issues deriving from lower education standards and firmly believed that education had the potential to transform the way people think and act.

Kelly envisioned a future where everyone has easy access and equal opportunities to learn.


“The initial idea was to create a product where I could solve the needs of children who have limitations to get to proper schools, and we can connect quality educators around the world through a real-time interactive platform for them. My goal is to create a vibrant learning ecosystem for our future generation and integrate technology as solutions for smarter learning and knowledge exchange.”


Kelly and her two co-founders have over 30 years of combined experience in various industries, including education. MST is committed to creating a sustainable learning ecosystem for knowledge sharing and transfer, specially designed for both learners and educators.


Starting with Singapore, mysavvytutor aims to help the country achieve its smart nation goal and become a premier knowledge provider worldwide.

Meet the Leadership Team

Kelly-Team Headshot

She is also the Head of Marketing and Business Development for the company and is responsible for advancing business growth and customer engagement activities across the globe.

Kelly Te

Chief Executive Officer

Minh Chau

He is heading the company’s technological vision including the delivery of key information technology systems to support MST’s secured operations.

Minh Chau

Chief Technical Officer
San Francisco Bay Area


His current role encompasses core aspects of business, budgeting, financing, investment decisions, and project development.

Marc Vinson

Houston / Singapore

YW Headshot-square

He is instrumental in defining the scope for end to end business operations flow, including deep product testing and development.

Yiwei Lin

Director of Operations